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A look inside the criminal justice system: forensic psychology

Beyond the major players – lawyers, judges, members of the jury and, of course, the defendant and plaintiff – the supporting cast of the courtroom includes many other essential characters. Alternative career options within the criminal justice system range from social service agents and public safety officers, to courtroom witness training professionals. The foundation of a Master’s in Forensic Psychology opens the door to a wide variety of career options relating to the juvenile, civil, and criminal justice system.

The following personal traits will be beneficial to students who are interested in pursuing a career in forensic psychology:

* Observance and attention to detail – Forensic professionals observe and analyze human behaviors and data associated with crime scene investigation.

* Compassion – Forensic professionals are involved in various legal situations with people from all walks of life, ranging from family crisis events and juvenile delinquents to dangerous, high-profile criminals.

* Genuine interest in law and public service – Forensic professionals are often called upon as special witnesses to share their expertise with judges and jurors in the courtroom, they help establish legal reforms or public policies for the government.

* Sound ethics and values – The justice system requires forensic psychology professionals to have strong personal morals and social principles due to their involvement in court proceedings and access to classified information that could potentially influence the outcomes for those involved with a case.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online-blended Master’s in Forensic Psychology. This program is for students interested in preserving individual rights and the justice system through the presentation of unbiased, fact-based analysis of individuals, as well as information associated with a crime. The program is designed to keep up with the latest advancements in the field and is led by experts with a broad range of workplace experiences and diverse perspectives. Students can earn a degree in as little as 20 months, and pursue careers in the justice system, child protection services, civil matters, juvenile justice and many other fields.

Anyone interested in a career that requires good observation skills and an interest in changing lives through the legal system should look into pursuing the online-blended M.A. in Forensic Psychology degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This degree can open the door to many career opportunities.

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