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About The Newspaper

The County Seat Newspaper is a community newspaper that serves the residents and businesses of the Hackensack area. We provide the good news in, and focus primarily on our communities.

The County Seat was established in September 2003. It is family owned and operated by local people with the interests of the area residents at heart.

Editorial Content

The content of the newspaper is as follows:

  • Feature and profiles of leading personalities, creative talents, and people who get things done – in every walk of life.
  • Success stories from the business community. How an entrepreneur gets an idea, makes a plan and holds a business…at the same time as he is helping to build his community.
  • Articles on local history, richly illustrated with drawings and old photographs.
  • School events and happenings. Highlighting accomplishments as well as everyday occurrences.
  • Fun and Recreation/Arts, Leisure and Travel.
  • Things to do and places to go.

About The Editor

While most 23-year-olds were still trying to figure out who they were and where they were going, Lauren Zisa was already running her own business, supervising employees, brokering business deals, and meeting hard deadlines.


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