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Don’t Eliminate Maywood EMTs

April 8, 2014

          In the very near future, the Maywood Borough Council will make a decision regarding our daytime emergency medical technicians who are currently paid by the borough.

          The council is looking to turn over our daytime emergency calls to a Hackensack-based service at no charge to the borough. How will this affect the elderly and individuals with medical issues? Will this Hackensack service will also handle the new wellness center on Route 17 and the dialysis facility on Essex Street?

          Our borough EMTs were established to serve the people of Maywood. It was never to make money but to help the citizens of our community. The borough has been getting reimbursed by insurance companies. How will this be handled in the future? After insurance pays its portion, will the Maywood resident be responsible for the balance?

           Did the council or the EMTs’ liaison ever sit down with our EMTs to discuss their responsibilities and experiences with the people of Maywood? The people know who is coming to help and the EMTs know the situation. Give them an address, and they most likely know the patient and how they can be of assistance. Several attempts were made by the EMTs to improve their service but they were told it would have to be reviewed. There has been no follow up by the borough.

           These men currently maintain 15 Park Ave. and other Maywood buildings. Who will do that and it will it be at no cost to the borough?

           This is what a community is all about – people who know people and how they can help them. We are chipping away little by little at Maywood’s community feel.

            Is the money we will save the real issue? In the long run, the little money saved doesn’t make a difference.

Ken and Pat Schmitt


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