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Holiday Hustle Bustle

By Barbara J. Gooding

            The age old term ‘Hustle Bustle’ means to move in a flurry, energetically and busily accompanied by any combination of excitement, fuss, stress, anticipation and even anxiety.  Sound like the upcoming Holiday Season?  If so, now is the time, before it really begins, to take pause and free yourself from over emphasis.

            Each year we reminisce of Holidays passed and plan of those we wish to create but that all seems to take the skip out of our steps. This issue of Memory Lane can’t pave the road to calm but perhaps suggest some alternatives to what you normally do and knock off all of what you think you have to do and just feel better about yourself and those around you.

            First, take a deep breath! We forget what’s really important is spending time with someone you love. That easily can be done maybe over a cup of coffee or some hot apple cider or just picking up the phone to catch up. Rather than spending the time mailing photo-cards or sending e-mails to all your friends, family or more, pick someone special to visit who could use some cheer or just a hug. Make a meal and give it to a  neighbor in need or bring it to a community center.  Drop off some food and blankets to your local animal shelter or rescue group.  Mail off some packages of personal items to our troops fighting overseas.  Sort through the toys your children have out grown and offer them to charities.  For many of us, money is tight so take a turn at making your presents or help someone with a house repair or difficult chore that will surely have more meaning to the person who receives it.

              Get away from the madness of shopping malls and take a walk down Main Street.  There will so many shops to pop into.  There is holiday music to hear coming from mounted speakers along the way and there is something old fashioned of shopping in the open air with maybe a few snowflakes falling as opposed walking in an enclosed space.  I can remember years back stopping in at Womrath’s bookstore for a holiday book, perhaps getting a charm for my bracelet at Bohrman Jewelers and of course an inexpensive ‘something’ at Woolworth’s or Grants.

            So step back and think of how you can make this Holiday Season special by taking in the spirit of it and transforming it into the best ever without the stress. Remember, we can always find something we are grateful for.  Make it all worthwhile for you while bringing joy to others.  Okay!  On Your Mark, Ready, Get Set…Now…Enjoy!

 Barbara J. Gooding is a creative and historical writer who resides in Hackensack. She may be contacted via The County Seat newspaper or bjgooding@gmail.com.


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