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Top men’s grooming experts offer tips for surviving the harsh winter weather

Most guys spend very little time paying attention to personal grooming and, as the winter months roll in, this can have a direct impact not just on how they look, but how they feel. To help men stay one step ahead in the grooming game, Dove Men+Care has a panel of men’s grooming experts to offer five simple tips every guy can follow this winter:

* Turn down the temperature. If you’ve spent all day outside in the cold, a hot shower and a blasting furnace can be tempting. According to dermatologist Dr. Jeffery Benabio, hot water can actually make it difficult for your skin to retain important moisture. Instead, he recommends that guys shower in lukewarm water – they’ll still enjoy that temperature warm-up without the harsh effect on their skin. Benabio also recommends using a product specifically designed to moisturize men’s skin, such as the Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Body & Face Wash with ultra-light MICROMOISTURE technology.

* Remember your entire head. Our faces, often the most exposed area to harsh winter weather, usually get all the attention. However, Jason Schneidman – Hollywood’s “men’s groomer” for male A-list male celebrities – reminds men to care for their hair and scalp as well. Winter hats, dry air and a lack of sunshine are less than ideal for your hair and scalp, so Schneidman recommends the new Dove Men+Care Antidandruff Fortifying Shampoo with Pyrithione Zinc to improve scalp health and make hair three times stronger.

* Remember, the sun still exists. As temperatures hover around freezing, the heat of the sun may be the last thing you’re thinking about, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays are just as harmful in the winter as they are in the summer. According to Dr. Benabio, after even a few minutes in the sun, your skin stops making vitamin D and starts creating skin complications. Unlike the rest of your body, your face doesn’t often get the luxury of being bundled up. Protect it with Dove Men+Care Sensitive Face Lotion with SPF 30 for fast absorbing moisturization and non-greasy all-day hydration. Think of it as a shield protecting your face against both the blistering cold and sun’s harmful rays (while still enjoying their warmth).

* Don’t hide behind your parka. When the days get short, the wind blisters and the clothes get heavier, it’s easy to get lazy with your gym routine. But don’t discount the mood-lifting benefits of a good workout. Hollywood stuntman and fitness expert Bobby Holland Hanton points out that even 20 minutes of exercise can reduce stress, help with sleep and improve overall clarity. To keep your workout as non-irritating as possible, Bobby recommends using the Dove Men+Care Cool Silver Antiperspirant, which contains moisturizing properties that boost the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

* Learn from the past. It’s safe to say that many guys don’t get straight-edge shaves from their local barber. However, we can learn from the tricks of their trade. Dr. Allan Peterkin, facial hair expert and pognologist (a beard scholar), recommends that before shaving during the cold winter months, wrap a warm, moist towel around your face to help open up the pores and loosen your hair. This will make for an easier, less irritating shave that your face will appreciate throughout the day.

Adopting a winter skincare routine can take some getting used to for many guys but a few simple steps can save you months of irritated skin. For more information on skincare tips and products that can help, visit www.dovemencare.com.

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